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Symmetry Vineyards began as a design for wine bottle label, and was later expanded into a branding for a vineyard and wine tasting room that hosts workshops and events for wine connoisseurs and club members. My original concept included a separate color scheme for the red wine and the white wine, and this idea was carried through to the extension of the brand.

The concept behind the name and design of the label are taken from the idea that wine is the product of nature’s elements in perfect balance. The unique shape of the label was inspired by the rising of the sun over the horizon, and reflects the symmetry of this cycle of night and day, which is essential to the growth the grapes.


The color palette of Symmetry Vineyards includes burgundy, pale green, and silver. These colors represent the colors of the wine produced in their vineyard: burgundy for the pinot noir, merlot, zinfandel, syrah, port, and cabernet sauvignon, and pale green for sauvignon blanc, chardonnay,pinot gris, viognier, and roussanne.


The logo reflects the idea of symmetry by utilizing a mirror effect with the two “m”’s at the center of the word. The circular graphic also includes a horizon line that supports the logotype within and further illustrates the concept of the circular sun rising over the vineyard.

  • Client - Symmetry Vineyards
  • Date - March 2009
  • Skills/Tools Used - Branding, Packaging Design, Logo Design, Website Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS
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