Sales Catalog Design

The Silver Dolphin catalogs are twice a year seasonal catalogs used to sell a line of children’s books to retailers. For five consecutive years in the Spring and Fall I designed the sales catalogs, working together with the marketing team and publisher to create a unified, engaging layout while also incorporating the large amount of information needing to be included.

Each new catalog utilizes the art and style of a different book every time, and the challenge is always to pull in elements such as color and type for use in the catalog. In addition, the books featured are unique in that each of them contain interactive components such as pop-ups, sounds, and lights, which are challenging to show in the two-dimensional format of a catalog. In order to accomplish this, I utilized information graphics such as arrows, bursts, and
multiple views of a page.

The two main fonts used for the interior of the catalog are Century Old Style and Helvetica Neue Condensed, a serif and sans-serif combination that is well balanced. Century Old Style was used for large text blocks to allow for easy reading, while the sans-serif Helvetica Condensed was used for smaller blocks of information such as book specifications.

  • Client - Silver Dolphin Books
  • Date - November 1st, 2007
  • Skills/Tools Used - Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Publication Design, Typographic Design
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