Magazine Design

SevenOneTwoFive is the edgier alter-ego of a digital marketing consultancy in San Diego. The client chose this name because they felt many of their competitors were new to the industry, had a high turnover rate, and were continually moving offices. They wanted to express the solidity of their organization and emphasize to the business community that although their work is largely related to the digital space, SevenOneTwoFive is a living, breathing organization. The tagline of the offshoot of this company is Business Consulting from the Bleeding Edge.

To integrate the visual design with the tagline of the company, I incorporated the concept of edges into the various pieces.  I utilized the imagery of bricks, which was inspired by the name of the company, SevenOneTwoFive – their street address. The bricks I used in the design are highly textured, which further emphasizes the edginess of their message and adds a hint of a third dimension to the two-dimensional space of the internet.

  • Client - SevenOneTwoFive Magazine
  • Date - February 2009
  • Skills/Tools Used - Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Branding, Publication Design, Typograpic Design
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