Calendar Design

Eat Local is an information graphics calendar that provides consumers with an easy-to-digest method for keeping informed of the local harvest cycles. The project began with the goal of raising public awareness about the plight of farmers around the world who are losing their livelihood to large-scale commercial agriculture, as well as the pollution and inefficiency of our agricultural system. The Eat Local Harvest Calendar is a solution to this problem, as it makes it easier for the average consumer to know what fruits and vegetables are ripe at any one time. It is divided by harvest periods: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

I chose four colors for the color system, each one representing a different season. Spring is a neutral green, summer is pale yellow, Fall is a burnt orange, and Winter is a dark plum.

All images of the fruits and vegetables for the calendar were shot in my studio. Additionally, I photographed the basket used in the pie chart. I carefully selected produce that had a minimal amount of discoloration, and arranged them in groups to photograph them according to their harvest cycles.

  • Client - San Diego Farmer's Market
  • Date - April 30th, 2009
  • Skills/Tools Used - Canon EOS 7D, Typographic Design, Illustration, Information Design
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