Brochure Design

The Think project is a series of themed exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown San Diego. A poem entitled “America” by beat poet Allen Ginsberg was selected to be the central theme, and visual art was to complement the written word. As this is a piece written during the height of the anti-communist movement in the 1950’s, it deals with anti-war and anti-conformist themes. Therefore, the over arching theme of the exhibition is “Poetry and Art Protest War.”

My solution for the logotype was to create a silhouette of a face using the bracket from Garamond, and then split up the word so that the first three letters turned on an axis became the thoughts, and the “n” and the “k” became the spoken words. By doing this, I created a second meaning, which was to think before you speak. This graphic illustrates the disconnect between what we think and what we say, as is represented by the changing axes between the two halves of the word.

My intention for the Think poster was to make the logotype the focal point. To achieve this, I made it the largest graphic element and reversed it out of the darker green background using the lightest green color. I also changed the dot of the “i” to the dark brown in order to emphasize the focal point as well as create visual interest.

Next, I created a visual element using small type from the poem America. This type is placed running vertically and is layered over itself using different colors, which creates texture. The effect of this element is that it represents thoughts, while the text running horizontally to the right represents the spoken word. Another way to think of this is that the thoughts are the cause and the effect is our words. This portrays the desired meaning of the “think” logotype, which is to speak before you think.

  • Client - Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
  • Date - November 2008
  • Skills/Tools Used - Pen & Ink, Adobe Illustrator, Typographic Design, Logo Design
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