Poster Design

The goal of this project was to create three typographic posters using a quote by or about a specific typographer, while incorporating a font created by them. The words in the quote were to be broken apart using a nine-unit grid, with one specific word being the focus of each poster. Once I created the series of posters I then expanded this to include an alphabet block set that showcased Futura as the font used in the lettering.

The typographer I chose to create my posters based on was Paul Renner who created the font Futura. The quote of his I used to base the poster on is: “The truly modern is only what we hold today to be timelessly perfect.” Before I began sketching layouts, I researched the style of graphic design used by Paul Renner’s circle. He was involved in the Bauhaus and the Deutsch Werkbund, which were highly involved in practical applications for design such as architecture and furniture. They used typography in a clear way so that it was simple and legible, with minimal type and a large amount of white space. The final poster designs are reminiscent of the Bauhaus period, which honors Paul Renner and the font he created.

To expand on the poster concept, I later added photos of modernist buildings into the layouts. I felt that combining typography and architecture in this way would be the perfect expression of modernism, which essentially spanned several design mediums from graphic design to textiles to architecture.

The color palettes favored by modernist designers were backgrounds of white, black, or beige, with accents of primary
colors. The colors I decided to use for this project were orange, yellow-orange, white, and black.

  • Client - Personal Project
  • Date - May 15th, 2009
  • Skills/Tools Used - Typographic Design, Print Design,
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